from the pea chairman...

A few years ago, our Association Board voted to make the current Vice Chairman responsible for the annual Print Excellence Awards. I actually think it was probably Jim’s idea so he had someone to commiserate with every year in mid-October, when only a dozen or so entries had been turned in and the mad rush was about to start. What’s the mad rush? That depends on what side of the fence you’re on.  My side (the member side) until this year, was John Jaymont or Denis Boylson (the current BDD) calling me almost every day asking, “Are your PEA entries ready; do you have more than last year; can I pick them up?” Now I am quickly learning that the other side of the fence is Jim saying, “We only have 20-30 of the 500 entries in so far and this is the last week, can you help call a few people?” At least this is what previous Vice Chairs have told me.  So my debate in Chairing the PEA contest is this, do I start pounding members to get their entries in early, and enter more of them, so the contest is even more successful (and take the credit), or do I sit back and let tradition continue and wait until the end of October, then bug people for a much shorter period of time? While writing this I’m still trying to decide! 

​Barry Henry, API
Vice Chair
Printing Industries of Ohio • N.Kentucky


how they succeed...

"In our print center, we allow our operators to make recommendations with respect to the print entries. I would challenge you that your operators are seeking to be more involved in this process as well, and it can provide them the opportunity to feel more of a stake in the ownership of the work. Second, our leadership team monitors and sets aside work from each month’s quality assurance review that could be likely contest entries. As we approach the contest entry period, all of the recommendations are laid out, categorized and reviewed for submission."

- ROger chamberlain

the cincinnati insurance co.


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hear it from our members

Almost 300 SUBMISSIONS WERE ENTERED IN THE 2022 PEA CONTEST, AND we love hearing the success stories from our members. whether it is using the print contest for employee recognition, marketing content, customer connection or industry respect, there is plenty of opportunities.  Don't just take our word,  listen to what our members have to say! 

SHOW appreciation...

"Participating in this print contest over the years has allowed us to be recognized by and amongst our peers as one of the leaders in the market.  More importantly though it allows us to share our appreciation with our customers for the discerning projects they entrust us with.  There is no better way to thank them than by presenting them with their awards.  This contest has proven to reaffirm and bolster our relationships with our customers."

- Jason Schultz

Great Lakes Integrated​